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Extending access to critical reproductive healthcare

Extending access to critical reproductive healthcare

. 2 min read

Lack of access to vital reproductive healthcare, such as high-performance fertility clinics or high-risk OBGYNs, has been a serious obstacle for many people. The U.S. Supreme Court recently further limited access to crucial reproductive healthcare — in this case, abortion — with its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

While many employers openly support providing their people with the care they need and are working to find solutions, they also face challenges: protecting people’s privacy and minimizing their own liability amidst frequently changing local regulations. Of course, traditional reimbursement programs weren’t designed with such requirements in mind — these regulations didn’t even exist. Stork Club has a modern solution to these modern challenges.

To help people in these unprecedented times, we’re proud to announce that all of our new and existing customers have access to Stork Club’s Travel Reimbursement Program. This program extends access to reproductive healthcare for all individuals while protecting their privacy and maintaining their employers’ compliance with ERISA and local regulations. The new program is available at no cost as an add-on to the Stork Club flexible family-building suite.

The Stork Club Travel Reimbursement Program is the only program on the market that covers travel for any reproductive healthcare that is unavailable in a member’s area. Members traveling to a different state for high-performance fertility clinics or expert care for LGBTQ+ members building a family get the same reimbursements as members accessing a pregnancy termination provider.

The program includes:

  • End-to-end support: team and tech to handle all of your needs in just one platform
  • Effortless implementation: integrates seamlessly with an employer’s health plan (with no need to set up an HRA), is ERISA-compliant and tax-free for employees
  • Privacy protection for people and employers: guarantees data confidentiality, so people and employers are protected from changing regulations
  • Stork Club Care Team: offers compassionate Care Navigators and virtual telehealth experts who specialize in reproductive healthcare and are ready to hold a patient’s hand through their journey

At Stork Club, we believe that access to critical reproductive healthcare is a basic human right. Join us on the mission to make reproductive care available for all. Interested in adding Stork Club for your team? Please reach out.