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4 ways you can support employees during fertility struggles

4 ways you can support employees during fertility struggles

. 2 min read

Whether we talk about it or not, individuals at work are dealing with fertility struggles. From having trouble trying to conceive and carry a pregnancy to legal and cultural issues that say how they can start a family, the people we work with face many issues as they proceed along the path to parenthood.

Choosing to start a family, especially when facing obstacles like these, can cause serious emotional, physical, and financial concerns. About 50% of women and 50% of men who are seeking infertility treatment experience depression and anxiety. Yet, many do not share these issues at work for fear that it will hurt their career.

Here are 4 ways to provide a more nurturing atmosphere:

An Open Environment

Individuals who are undergoing fertility treatment need understanding. Help managers learn how to be understanding and empathetic to others' journeys. While individuals may or may not want to talk about what they are going through, managers should be open to creating an environment where people feel safe opening up to their comfort level.

Education and Awareness

Discuss fertility issues and promote awareness events as you would with other health topics. There is a sense of stigma around infertility. Developing awareness and understanding can improve acceptance and be helpful for those facing their own issues.

If you have any benefits providers that offer education, you can use that to create your information or point employees to those resources. Information can also be used to remind individuals about the specific benefits that are available to them as they face any challenges.

Mental Health Support and Guidance

Give employees ways to find more in-depth emotional support through mental health, employee assistance, and other care navigator programs. These programs give employees who are dealing with fertility issues a sounding board. This expert confidential support is critical to meeting their needs. Depending on what fertility benefits you offer, you may also have personal support built into your benefits program.

Flexible Policies and Fertility Benefits

Policies that help employees balance time off from work for appointments and later for family obligations are one part of a family-friendly work environment. For individuals facing fertility issues, family-building benefits that support all types of families and situations are also critical.

Today that means supporting those who are accessing the benefit for many different reasons. It needs to be inclusive of various treatment choices and provide enough coverage to support them. Otherwise, individuals can be disappointed when what they have on paper doesn’t meet their real-world needs.

By implementing the Stork Club benefit program, your organization can make significant strides in helping employees navigate the challenging journey to parenthood. Together, we can help your workforce overcome obstacles on the path to parenthood and build a more inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone. To talk to an expert visit us here.