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Stork Club Raises $30M to Respond to Unprecedented Employer Demand for Inclusive Benefits and to Hold Employees’ Hands as they Build Healthy Families.

Stork Club Raises $30M to Respond to Unprecedented Employer Demand for Inclusive Benefits and to Hold Employees’ Hands as they Build Healthy Families.

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When I founded Stork Club, I knew we were tackling a massive problem—modernizing maternity healthcare while giving people the freedom to build families on their own terms. We’ve been working hard to deliver on that promise and I’m thrilled to announce that we secured $30 million in Series A funding to accelerate our vision and meet the unprecedented demand.

We are fortunate to have General Catalyst leading the round, with Hemant Taneja joining our board of directors. Hemant has worked with some of the most innovative companies in healthcare, and we’re excited to help bring the vision of Health Assurance to fruition. General Catalyst was joined by Kevin Mahaffey (Founder, Lookout), Margo Georgiadis (fmr. CEO, Ancestry), Jack Altman (Founder/CEO, Lattice), Oleg Rogynskyy (Founder/CEO,, Zach Sims (Founder/CEO, Codecademy) and our previous investors Bowery Capital and Slow Ventures. Over the past couple years, we’ve built incredible customer relationships with forward-thinking businesses and we’re excited to be able to be able to help even more employers and their teams.

Supporting Modern Families
While Lowering Costs for Businesses

Diversity and inclusion are no longer optional to attract and retain top talent. Today’s leading employers are placing strategic bets on the future of their workforce, with family benefits becoming an absolute necessity.

The typical approach to increasing benefits simply increases costs; however, with family benefits, the legacy healthcare system is so broken, improving family benefits typically reduces an organization’s overall medical spend.

We are the first to provide an end-to-end family-building benefit solution, including historically overlooked, yet critical components of maternity health: diagnostics, egg and sperm freezing, IVF, surrogacy, adoption, pregnancy guidance and postpartum recovery support. By consolidating care into one concierge-like experience—from preconception through pregnancy or adoption to postpartum and newborn care—employees have better health outcomes while employers have drastically reduced healthcare costs.

Here is how we, at Stork Club,
build the future of healthcare:

1. Continuity of care, with love
From the comfort of home, Stork Club members can have video calls with certified experts (e.g., fertility nurses, birth & postpartum doulas, lactation consultants) and can always chat with a Care Navigator to guide them on their journey.

2. Access to the best care, with one click
Stork Club members get expedited appointments at the best fertility clinics in their area without having to worry if their services will be covered or not. Many of our 250+ in-network clinics do not work with legacy insurance carriers.

3. Know what it costs ahead of time, finally!
No more unexpected and shockingly large bills months after seeing a doctor. With Stork Club, you know your out-of-pocket before doing anything. We’re committed to transparency for employers and our members.

Stork Club is able to do this because, unlike other wellness perks or apps, our platform directly integrates with large health plans (specifically, TPAs such as UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, etc.) to make our coverage a part of existing medical coverage to give employees the transparency they need.

What’s next for Stork Club

We’re investing heavily in our go-to-market engine to make sure we can support the unprecedented demand for inclusive benefits and are aggressively looking to hire talented people. In fact, for any account executives that join in June or July, we’re offering a $50k bonus.

Long term, our goal is to find more ways to help people experience better health outcomes, all while lowering costs for businesses, and we would love for you to join us on our journey.

On the photo: Art by Ashley Seil Smith.