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Stork Club makes its family-building platform accessible for individuals with disabilities

Stork Club makes its family-building platform accessible for individuals with disabilities

. 1 min read

At Stork Club, we aim to make reproductive healthcare truly inclusive and accessible for all. Today, we became one step closer—we’re excited to share that Stork Club digital platform is now available in a new design that makes it easier for Stork Club members with certain disabilities to navigate care online.

Some of the updates include aid to use the Stork Club platform via browser and mobile accessibility for individuals with disabilities, including but not limited to those with color blindness and low vision, persons using assistive technologies like screen readers and keyboard shortcuts, and hard-of-hearing or deaf individuals.

The redesign brings Stork Club in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AA (mid-range). Relevant changes include the following:

  • Live captioning: Captions are provided for all live audio content in synchronized media.
  • Use of color: Color is not the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility: All content functionality is operable through a keyboard interface without requiring specific timings for individual keystrokes, except where the underlying function requires input that depends on the path of the user's movement and not just the endpoints.
  • Language of page: The default human language of each page can be programmatically determined.

Please find more information about WCAG AA requirements here.

Meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is an important requirement for a family-building platform to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to healthcare information and services.

Stork Club strives to provide the highest quality of service to all individuals, including non-traditional parents, LGBTQ+ caretakers, and individuals with diverse reproductive hormone healthcare needs. We believe all individuals deserve access to family-building and life-affirming care — regardless of orientation, race, or ability. Today’s announcement reflects this commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

We welcome all questions and suggestions related to our platform's accessibility. Please direct these communications to Interested in adding Stork Club for your team? Please reach out.